Practice Areas

Our goal is to provide the highest level of client service in addressing legal needs.
Family Law


We strive to seek equity in resolving Family Law issues, while aggressively protecting our client's rights, with our primary interest being what's in the best interest of the children.




Estate Planning


One of our core area of expertise. We analyze your needs and wants, and provide you with a rock solid Estate Plan that meets those goals, whether it be avoiding probate or long-term care planning.​




Following the death of a loved one, there are often issues that the family needs to address to transfer the property and estate of the decedent.  For the last 15 years, we have assisted families in completing and closing the estates of their deceased family members.​



Trust Administration

Following the death of a family member with a Trust, our firm has assisted families in the non-court supervised division and distribution of the Trust assets, including closing and finalizing the Trust.



Business Law

The firm has provided business services, including business formation and contract review, over the last 15 years. The firm has formed Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and other business entities to limit personal liability of the owners and provide the necessary structure for business transactions.  In Business Litigation, the firm has represented companies and owners with the goal of resolving complex business issues.

Civil Litigation

We have handled many different types of civil litigation over the last 20 years; personal injury, property disputes, collection issues, etc.  Our goal is to resolve your dispute as inexpensively and effectively as possible.​